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21 Jan 2021


6:00 pm - 7:00 pm


Free to Members

Continuity and Change: The Study of the Ceramics of Yaozhou

The Society is honoured to host Rose Kerr to speak on this day, which marks the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Oriental Ceramic Society on January 21, 1921.

The lecture will discuss Yaozhou ceramic wares in four different ways, namely:

1. The study and publication of Yaozhou by the Oriental Ceramic Society over the course of 100 years

2. Examination of the principal characteristics of Yaozhou ware

3. Research undertaken by scholars both in China and the west

4. Consideration of its context of use.

Rose Kerr is Honorary Associate of the Needham Research Institute in Cambridge, after retiring as Keeper of the Far Eastern Department at the Victoria & Albert Museum, where she worked from 1978-2003. She graduated in Chinese studies from the School of Oriental and African Studies and spent a year as a student in China during the last year of the Cultural Revolution, 1975-1976. She teaches and lectures internationally, and acts as Honorary Fellow at the University of Glasgow, Trustee of the Sir Percival David Foundation of Chinese Art and Museum Expert Advisor for Hong Kong. In 2015 she was created an Honorary Citizen of Jingdezhen. Author and contributor to 25 books on Asian art, she is a regular contributor to journals and magazines.

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