Visit to Scottish Collections • June 2016

Visit by The Oriental Ceramic Society

We visited the National Museum of Scotland in June 2016 to see their reserve collections and to handle a number of objects formerly belonging to the collection of David and Anne Hyatt-King.

At the Lawley Collection we viewed early Chinese celadon, Ming cloisonne enamel, bronze and textiles. At Newhailes House, which has remained unchanged since the 18th century, we saw impressive examples of Chinese and Japanese ceramics, coromandel screens and lacquerware. Another stop on our tour was Lennoxlove House, the home of the Duke of Hamilton, where many rare works from Hamilton Palace and the Beckford Collection are kept.

On the our final day in Scotland, we viewed the reserve collection of the Burrell Museum in Glasgow and Pollok House to examine their hoard of Chinese and Japanese ceramics.

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