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The Oriental Ceramic Society is one of a number of societies around the world specialising in Asian art.

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Established in 1921, the OCS was the first of many societies around the world to celebrate and encourage scholarship in Asian art.

The English Ceramic Circle (ECC) is dedicated to the study of ceramics manufactured, decorated, or used in the British Isles. The ECC welcomes new members at regular meetings, seminars, visits to museum reserve collections and tours of members’ collections. The Circle publishes an annual Journal, Transactions, as well as a Newsletter. The EEC has an online archive going back to 1928.

The objective of the Oxford Ceramics Group is to encourage the study of European pottery and porcelain whilst also exploring their links to other cultures. The Group aims to provide a forum for collectors, students and enthusiasts to obtain and exchange information. It organises study days, lectures and visits throughout the year which are carefully designed to provide members with stimulating material.

The French Porcelain Society was established in 1984 by a group of collectors, museum curators, dealers, auction specialists and enthusiasts with the purpose of furthering the study and appreciation of French porcelain from all periods. The Society organises an active programme of lectures, symposia and visits to collections in England and abroad. They produce a scholarly journal and regular newsletters.

Members of the Société Française d’Etude de la Céramique Orientale (The Oriental Ceramic Society of France) are encouraged to contribute to the Society’s cultural programme by presenting original lectures and by proposing related activities. The Society organises colloquies, symposiums, guided tours of museums and exhibitions, discussion groups in ceramics museums and private collections, as well as specialised field
The Norwegian Society of Oriental Ceramics (NSOK) offers a variety of professional and social activities that promote knowledge and interest in Asian art and culture, with special emphasis on ceramics. NSOK regularly organises lectures, tours, study groups and visits in Norway and abroad. Members consist of collectors, academics and other interested people, who meet regularly in a pleasant and inclusive

The Oriental Ceramic Society of Sweden (OCS) is a non-profit and politically independent association for those interested in ceramics and porcelain from China, Southeast Asia, Japan and Korea. Other forms of Asian art and culture are also explored. The Society carries out programmes in Stockholm and Gothenburg, but members from all over Sweden are welcome.

The Oriental Ceramic Society of Hong Kong (OCS) was established in 1974. It provides a forum for the lively exchange of ideas and information, sponsors publications, presents exhibitions, study sessions and travel programmes and hosts a regular series of scholarly lectures by an impressive array of distinguished speakers sharing knowledge with members.

Himpunan Keramik Indonesia (HKI) or The Ceramic Society of Indonesia was founded in 1973 and aims to increase knowledge of ancient ceramics found in Indonesia. The Society has published more than ten books and meets every two to three months to listen to speakers or guest lecturers from across the world. Members also visit collections and hold a “Pottery Exchange” for members only.

The Japan Society of Oriental Ceramic Studies (Toyo Toji Gakkai) was founded in 1973. From its inception the Society has aimed to construct a worldwide network of researchers and connoisseurs with the goal of expanding and developing the appreciation of Oriental ceramics and advancing its study in Japan. Since its founding the Society has published a journal and holds annual gatherings and research meetings. The Society is Japan’s sole society dedicated to research in Oriental ceramics.

The Oriental Ceramic Society of the Philippines (OCSP) is a non-profit organisation whose aim is to bring together people with a common interest in Oriental ceramics, especially those found in the Philippines. The organisation is made up of individuals with a curiosity and passion for these artefacts and for understanding their place in Philippine history. OCSP met for the first time in 1979 and has gathered regularly ever since.

The Southeast Asian Ceramic Society (SEACS) was founded in Singapore in 1969 and focuses on the study of the ceramic art of China and the countries adjacent to China, especially Southeast Asia. Throughout its history, the Society has been actively publishing catalogues, arranging exhibitions, sponsoring lectures with both local and visiting scholars, arranging specialty study tours and offering handling and training sessions. Monthly meetings are held in a variety of locales, with some meetings open to the general public for educational purposes.

The Transferware Collectors Club is a forum for sharing information about British transfer-printed ceramics from 1760 to 1900, including Blue and White, Staffordshire Pottery, Pearlware, Romantic and
The Oriental Ceramic Society
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