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The Oriental Ceramic Society (OCS) is sincerely grateful for the permission granted to use these beautiful images across our website.

Parinirvana (death and transcendence of the Buddha) and attendant arhats

Dated: 1503

Ming dynasty (1368–1644), Hongzhi period (1488–1505)

Artist: Qiao Bin (Chinese, active 1481–1507)

Earthenware with polychrome glaze

©Metropolitan Museum of Art; Fletcher Fund, 1925

Accession Number: 25.227.1

Pear-shaped Vase

Qing dynasty, Kangxi reign (1662–1722), early

Chinese porcelain decorated in underglaze cobalt blue

Height: 20.5cm

©Sir Michael Butler, inv. no. 1651

Figure of luohan

Late 19th to early 20th century

Chinese porcelain, Dehua

©Victoria and Albert Museum

Museum no. C.49-1953; Sir Hugh Watson Bequest


Qing dynasty, Shunzhi reign (1644–61)

Chinese porcelain decorated in underglaze cobalt blue

Height: 7.5cm; diameter: 33cm

©Sir Michael Butler, inv. no. 1326

Boy with water buffalo

Qing dynasty (1644–1911), 18th century

Jade (nephrite)

Height: 13.2 cm; Width: 10.6 cm; Length: 18.5 cm

©Metropolitan Museum of Art; Gift of Heber R. Bishop, 1902

Accession Number: 02.18.438

Tigers crossing a river

Edo period (1615-1868), 1781-82

Signed and sealed

Painted by: Maruyama Okyo (円山応挙) (and pupils)

Six-panel painted folding screen, Japanese

Ink, colour and gold-leaf on paper

©The Trustees of the British Museum

Museum No. 2006,0424,0.1


Qing dynasty, Qianlong period (1735-95), c.1760

Chinese porcelain painted in underglaze cobalt blue

Diameter: 24cm

©Peter and Mary White Collection

Bottle, 'Moon' Flask and Meiping​

Ming dynasty, Yongle period (1403-24)

Chinese porcelain painted in underglaze cobalt blue

Museum Nos.

Bottle – PDF,A.614

‘Moon’ Flask – PDF,A.612

Meiping – 1972,0621.1

©The Trustees of the British Museum; Bottle and ‘Moon’ Flask are also ©Percival David Foundation

The Bottle and ‘Moon’ Flask are part of Sir Percival David’s collection, which is now housed at the British Museum. Sir Percival was also a distinguished member of the OCS.

The Meiping was included in an important 1954 OCS Exhibition.

Portrait of a Lady

Qing dynasty, Qianlong period (1735-95), c.1770

Reverse glass painting

Vitrocentre Romont, R. & F. Ryser Collection.

©Vitrocentre Romont / Yves Eigenmann 

Bodhidharma in meditation

Ming dynasty (1368-1644), 17th century

Chinese Porcelain with ivory glaze

Height: 29.8 cm; Width: 19 cm

©Metropolitan Museum of Art; Gift of Mrs. Winthrop W. Aldrich, Mrs. Arnold Whitridge, and Mrs. Sheldon Whitehouse, 1963

Accession Number: 63.176

Set of wine cups with flowers of the twelve months

Qing dynasty (1644–1911), Kangxi mark and period (1622–1722)

Chinese Porcelain painted with underglaze cobalt blue and overglaze enamels

Each: Height: 4.9 cm; Diameter: 6.4 cm

©Metropolitan Museum of Art; Bequest of Mary Stillman Harkness, 1950

Accession Number: 50.145.267–.278

1957 Oriental Ceramic Society exhibition

Miss Mary Buxton and Mr. W.J. Dearmaley at the OCS exhibition, The Arts of the Ming Dynasty.

The show was jointly hosted with the Arts Council of Great Britain in 1957.    

©The Oriental Ceramic Society archives

Cloisonné Enamel Jar

Ming dynasty, Xuande (mark and period), 1426-1435

Chinese cloisonné enamel in red, yellow, turquoise. green. white. aubergine

The body is decorated with a vigorous five-clawed dragon with open mouth, pursuing a pearl among clouds. The lid is also decorated with a similar dragon in clouds, with a finial in the shape of a lotus pod enclosed in petals. The base is surrounded by a band of lappets.

Height: 62cm; Diameter: 55.9cm

©The Trustees of the British Museum

No. 1957,0501.1

The Mission of Commodore Perry to Japan in 1854

Edo period (1603-1868); 1854-58

Painted by: Hibata Ōsuke 樋畑翁輔(prepatory sketches, and possibly the scroll)

Calligrapher: Onuma Chinzan (大沼沈山)(preface)

Japanese handscroll in ink, colour, gold and silver pigment on paper

Pictorial record of US Commodore Matthew Perry’s second visit to Japan in 1854. Double paulownia wood storage box, with handwritten document detailing the contents of the scroll (‘explanation of the picture scroll’, emaki setsumeisho 絵巻説明書).

©The Trustees of the British Museum

No. 2013,3002.1


Edo Period (1615-1868),  c.1670-1690

Japanese porcelain painted in underglaze cobalt blue

Arita ware

Diameter: 55cm

©Mary and Peter White Collection 


Qing dynasty, Yongzheng period (1678-1735), 1723-35

Chinese porcelain painted in overglaze enamels

Diameter: 24cm

©Mary and Peter White Collection 


Qing dynasty, early Kangxi reign (1662–1722)

Chinese porcelain decorated in underglaze cobalt blue and red

Height: 7.5cm; diameter: 44.5cm

©Sir Michael Butler, inv. no. 1562


Pair of doucai porcelain waterpots

Qing dynasty, Yongzheng marks and of the period, 1723-1735

Jingdezhen kilns, Jiangxi province

Xiling collection

Photo credit: Eskenazi Limited

“An Imperial Excursion” (Miyuki), “A Boat Cast Adrift” (Ukifune), and “The Barrier Gate” (Sekiya)

Momoyama period (1573–1615), mid-16th–early 17th century

Artist: Tosa Mitsuyoshi (Japanese, 1539–1613)

Painted sliding doors (fusuma-e) remounted as a pair of four-panel folding screens; ink, color, and gold leaf on paper

Each screen: 166.4cm × 355.6 cm

©Metropolitan Museum of Art; Fletcher Fund, 1955

Accession No: 55.94.1, .2

Table screen with landscape scene

Qing dynasty (1644-1911), 18th-19th century

Jade (jadeite)

Height: 17.3cm; width: 1.5cm

©Metropolitan Museum of Art; Gift of Heber R. Bishop, 1902

Accession Number: 02.18.518

Album Painting

Qing dynasty (1644-1911), 17th century

Album leaf with narrative of event in the Three Kingdoms.

Ink and colours and gold on paper

©The Trustees of the British Museum

Museum No: 1983,0604,0.1

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